Saturday, June 19, 2010

Pear butter from Toigo Orchards

There is a whole world out there of fruit butters. They are different from conventional jams/jellies in that they have less added sugar, (works for me!) are creamy and spreadable at room temperature, (just like butter and hence the name) and traditionally the fruits are used whole (except the seeds/pits.)

I knew of apple butter since I use it to make bread but once I came across this pear butter from Toigo Orchards and started looking into it I realized that they are better alternatives to jam/jelly/preserve.

Some fruit butters do have added sugar so I watch the labels. And some brands remove the fruit skins to decrease the cooking time and for a smoother consistency.

I swirl in a teaspoon into a cup of yogurt and dessert is ready. No complaints from either one of them.

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