Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Gerber lil' crunchies

If they look like cheetos and taste like cheetos, then are they cheetos? I bought these lil' crunchies from Gerber because most of the snacks the twins eat are sweet and I wanted to add some healthy savory ones.

The twins liked them fine after they got over the texture of the first couple. Iam not sure I will buy them again…..they just remind me too much of cheetos.


  1. I give these to our girls on occasion, and they LOVE them. I try to reserve them for special "treats", like when we're out to eat and I want to give them a little snack. I don't count religiously, but I usually only let them have about 1/2 a serving each.

    I feel like the girls get plenty of fruits, veggies, protein, and dairy, but I struggle with whole grains. They eat a very hearty breakfast every day, which includes oatmeal or cream of wheat, but we don't have any consistent staples outside of that. I often give them a slice of whole wheat bread (one slice for the both of them) during the day, but they don't always eat it. Any ideas?

  2. Oh yes, these 'cheetos' are treats for my twins too. My staple whole grains for them is Bob's Red Mill 10 whole grain hot cereal. I cook up a batch every morning and that is a mandatory lunch & dinner item for them everyday.

  3. hey Mohini, its sure does look yum. I would love to pop one. thanx for sharing!