Friday, June 18, 2010


My daughter loves to eat 'buggies.' She ate up the pieces of kiwi with glee calling the little black seeds 'buggie, buggie.' I want my kids to be adventurous eaters but I am not so sure about her fascination with eating insects.

My son kept searching for the bugs on his plate the whole time she kept squealing about buggies. He puckered up for the first couple of pieces but was OK after that.


  1. Our girls love kiwi. I cut out the pithy center and they go to town. I'm not going to plant the idea of "buggies" with them, though. I hope they're not scared of bugs, but I don't want them thinking they're good to eat, either! HA!

  2. How cute :) my boys loved kiwi and then went into kiwi overdrive. They dont like it so much now. I think I'll re introduce it to them in a month or so.