Saturday, June 26, 2010


The twins liked the flavor of blackberries but not the texture. Both of them would eagerly pop a berry, chew on it and then spit it out. This went on for some time till my son figured out it was more fun squishing them and smearing the goo all over. A couple of minutes later his sister caught on and that was the end of that. I will re-introduce them towards the end of summer.


  1. Our girls LOVE blackberries. I cut them in half (top to bottom), which I think helps cut down on the mess a little bit, since they don't have to bite into them.

    On a related note, our girls are really crazy about blueberries. We were out yesterday morning, and I had to give them diced strawberries as part of their breakfast. They seemed quite disappointed. :)

  2. I will try that - cutting them in half. My son likes blueberries - not my daughter though.

  3. Have you tried raspberries? I think their texture is a little more firm than blackberries. Our girls don't like them quite as well, but I buy them every couple of weeks.