Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cream of buckwheat

I have seen cream of wheat and cream of rice but not cream of buckwheat so I picked it up. It is wheat and gluten free and has a high satiety value. Since Bob's 10 grain hot cereal does not contain buckwheat, I add this and quinoa flakes, on the days I remember, to make their lunch/dinner even more nutritious.


  1. Our girlies love cream of wheat. I make it with whole milk, and it's always a big hit.

    I think I asked you this question once before, and I realize you may have left a response on the post...but now I can't remember which post it was. So...I hope you don't mind me asking again. :)

    Are your kiddos feeding themselves? Our girls feed themselves everything by hand, with the exception of oatmeal / cream of wheat. They don't seem to be big fans of me feeding them, even those dishes. I've had to change a few things about their diet with this development. For example, their absolute favorite dish was creamed spinach, which can't be eaten very well by hand. When I've tried feeding it to them lately, they reach up and pull it out of their mouths. UGH...

    I honestly haven't been brave enough to give them utensils yet. I don't know when they "should" be able to start to work on that. For their sake - and mine! - I don't want to try to early, thinking I might frustrate them (and make a huge mess).

    I'll check back here if you don't mind sharing your thoughts, or my email address is

    Thanks so much!

  2. My twins will feed themselves if I let them! I don't because then it will take forever and after that the cleaning up will take even more forever. I do give them finger food at each meal and their snacks too - they feed themselves.

    One more reasons I want to be able to feed them is for when we are on the go. Right now if we are out or in the car or in a restaurant during their meal times they will let me feed them the whole meal.

    I read somewhere recently that the right time to introduce utensils is around 1.5 years but they fully learn how to use them by 2. I have been giving them spoons while Iam feeding them from the time they were a year old. I have let them try to feed themselves a few times, starting about a month ago, using the old trick - finger food with some moisture so it will stick to the spoon.

    I haven't been brave enough either to give them mushy stuff and a spoon - like their hot cereals or breakfast muesli.