Friday, May 28, 2010

Petit brussels sprouts

Being inspired by Mandy's twins, I decided to introduce brussels sprouts to the twins starting with these petite ones - really, some of them were the size of a cheerio!

The kids did not like them either whole, cut-up, fork-mashed or pureed. I mixed the puree with some garbanzo cubes and they ate it very very reluctantly. About half way through my daughter threw up the whole thing.

They eat enough of other veggies so I will lay off the brussels sprouts for some time.


  1. Oh, no! I am sorry I was responsible not only for turned up noses, but vomiting as well! :) Just don't let your kiddos talk to my kiddos about this. This is still one of our girls' favorite foods.

  2. Oh no Mandy -I was actually starting to worry my toddlers weren't doing the accepted toddler thing - you know refuse every other edible thing I offer. Soon I will be introducing them to okra…….