Saturday, April 24, 2010

Protein with pizazz from Trader Joe's

This protein with pizazz from Trader Joe's has 20 grams protein, 250 calories per serving and more fat/sat fat and cholesterol than Odwalla and Naked Juice protein drinks.

This is the chalkiest tasting drink I ever had. The twins refused (28 grams of sugar too!) to drink it straight, and also rejected it mixed with milk. I add a few spoonfuls to their breakfast cereal or mashed banana and they will eat it but look at me very suspiciously.


  1. I'm not so concerned about fat since they discovered the Framingham studies are pretty much bogus, but the sugar is outrageous. I just tried drinking a little more, and I feel like I'm drinking sawdust! BLECH! In the trash it goes...

  2. I actually LOVE this drink!!! Especially the chalky texture, but the two Trader Joe's O go to haven;t had it in about a month :(