Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cherry chocolate pop tarts

I want to introduce the twins to chocolate slowly (no point fighting it - they are going to see it a lot in the house anyway.) I started with some brownies and chocolate cheerios, now for a little bit more concentrated form, I choose these cherry chocolate pop tarts from Nature's Path.

My daughter liked them, but my son did not - this is the second chocolate thing (2 out of 3) that he really did not warm up to.

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  1. Our girls (15 months old) enjoyed a few bites of a chocolate-and-mint-cream-cheese brownie I made for St. Patty's Day last month. However, we went to a birthday party over the weekend where they served chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting. Baby B was OK with it, but she didn't ask for any more; Baby A didn't like it at all! She was trying to pull it out of her mouth!

    It's experiences like this that make me glad I got a really good look at the babies when they were born...otherwise I might fear they'd been switched at birth. Or maybe they just "ate" enough chocolate in utero to last them a while.