Thursday, April 29, 2010


In my quest for adding protein to their breakfast, my nutritionist (sis-in-law) told me about kefir. It has slightly more protein than milk, and is more tart than yogurt. Also, Lifeway advertises that their Kefir has 7 to 10 billion CFU's of 10 different live and active cultures per serving.

The twins refused to drink it straight. Added to milk and handed to him as 'juuiichh' made my son drink it, but not my daughter. Now, I mix their breakfast cereal with it and they are both OK with that.


  1. I shouldn't say this in front of your kiddos (HA!), but the mere thought of kefir makes me shudder. I spent a semester studying in Russia during my junior year of college, and from where I believe kefir originates. Like your daughter, it's one of the few things I just had to decline. :)

  2. Oh pretty please….tell me, what is it about Kefir that makes you shudder? Do you know something………?

  3. HA! No, I don't "know anything" that I should share with you. I'm just a little finicky when it comes to milk products for myself (I don't like cottage cheese by itself, for example). Rest easy. :)