Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Frozen avocado from Trader Joe's

Another great find - frozen avocado halves from Trader Joe's. I want the twins to get the good fats from avocados but my problem starts with not knowing how to pick the right/ripe ones. They HAVE to be ripe when I buy them because if I leave them around to ripen for a few days I forget that they are there. Second is the fact that I cannot use a whole avocado at once and again if I store a half I forget it's there.

The frozen halves are individually shrink wrapped and thaw beautifully. I actually nuked it in the microwave (and not in cold water or in the fridge overnight as the instructions say) and it still came out perfect - soft and creamy - no lumps, strings, hard edges etc.

I fork mashed the nuked half and mixed it into their multigrain cereal. Both of them ate it without any complaints.

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