Saturday, January 15, 2011

Date Syrup by Organics are for Everyone

I use turbinado sugar for beverages and baking (well, honey too.) Wanting to see if I could totally eliminate sugar from the twins absolutely favorite breakfast, (because they sometimes demand it everyday, and not necessarily for breakfast) I started experimenting with dates. Since they didn't like the minced bits of dates, I started to puree them - a painful process that starts with soaking the dates 24 hours before.

When I came across this date syrup from Organics are for Everyone, I immediately jumped at a chance to see if I could use it for my 10-grain muffins recipe. It's consistency is that of blackstrap molasses but the taste is like caramalized sugar.

I have since incorporated it into my recipe with slight changes to account for the consistency. Now the twins want it on everything - pancakes, waffles, toast, parathas

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