Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nana's cookie bars and bites

Nana's cookie company sweetens all their products with fruit juices and since my daughter is going through a monkey phase (as in she is excited when she sees one and gives a hug and kiss to her stuffed one every morning and night) I picked up their curious George goodie. The Lemon Dreams was an impulse buy.

My daughter was more interested in the box and refused to even take a bite. My son started eating and when he was almost done threw up the entire thing. It was the texture - too smooth and it got stuck to the roof of his mouth. Will try again when they are older.


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  2. Hi Mohini,

    This comment is coming to you from Nana’s headquarters. We appreciate you picking up two boxes of our cookies, and are obviously disappointed that your son wasn’t thrilled with them.

    The two cookies you purchased are both gluten free. Our gluten-free cookies contain no eggs, dairy, wheat, soy, corn or refined sugars....only sweetened with natural fruit juice. Having said that, if your children are not limited to a gluten-free diet, we’re quite confident they’ll enjoy our vegan Fudgy Wudgy or Chocolate Chippy Cookie Bars, both of which have Curious George’s image printed on the package. Our vegan cookies are delicious, and have a firmer texture then our gluten-free varieties. If you’d like to email us at with your mailing address, we’d be happy to send you a few samples of the above products to try.

    All the Best,

    Nana’s Team

  3. Hello to the Nana's Team!

    Thank you for the comment. My kids are not on a gluten free diet but these were the only two types of cookies I found at the store. I would love to try your other products and post a review.