Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Nabisco fire roasted tomato wheat thins stix

One more savory snack the twins will eat if nothing else is offered. Actually these fire roasted tomato flavored wheat thin sticks from Nabisco have sugar, invert sugar and malt syrup. Still,they managed to keep the sugar to 4 grams for 14 pieces.


  1. Did you like these? I've been eyeing them in the grocery, but I'm afraid to buy them...they look so addictive. Crackers are definitely a weakness of mine! :)

  2. Actually I don't like them. Not as much as some brands of crackers anyway. Sometimes when the kids are in the car they just want to munch on something out of sheer boredom - these come in handy then. They are reallt thin, crunchy and small and they can keep going at it.