Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Accepting my awards

Iam sorry for the extended break. I did not realize what it would take to move, with twin toddlers that is. Now that I have checked out a couple of grocery stores AND the kids are eating more real food I have much to share.

Now regarding my two awards, thank you again Sara.

10 things about my self:
1) I was a fat kid
2) and I was a fat teenager. Hence my obsession with food

3) I went to a boarding school
4) an all girls catholic boarding school. I like to think I turned out alright
5) I collect old hand embroidered handkerchiefs

6) I always wanted to have twins. Now that I do, I wouldn't have it any other way

7) I used to dream of being a female Indiana Jones! I majored in geography and then accepted a job that described itself as a 'very sedentary position' (serious! not kidding)

8) We live 15 minutes from the Robert Frost Farm - one of my favorite poets
9) We have to haul our own trash to the dump. for now. I (and the kids) think it's fun, DH not so much

10) More than 5 years at one location and I start getting fidgety. I am a nomad.

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  1. I love Robert Frost, too! And it's nice to see you back online. I was just thinking about you yesterday...I was guessing the move was pretty grueling. Glad you made it OK!