Sunday, September 12, 2010

Colorful goldfish from Pepperidge Farm

I introduced goldfish to the kids a few times with no success - till now. These colored goldfish from Pepperidge Farm are a big success especially since they are learning to identify colors. I will plop a handful each in front of them and shout out a color. They take great pride in finding and eating the right colored ones.


  1. Our girls like the cheddar bunny crackers from Annie's. I also buy the honey graham crackers from Annie's. They usually get one or the other for one of their snacks, and I always keep some in the diaper bag in case I need a little diversion. :)

  2. Ah crackers - I buy BIG tubs of them from Trader Joe's - the kids ask for them all the time - bishakas - I have no idea where they picked up that word.