Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sapota aka chikoo aka prune de sapodillo from Deep Foods

I remember eating Sapota as a kid in India. So when I saw them in the Indian/asian grocery store I had to introduce them to the twins. The thawed pieces were stringy and after I separated all the stringy part there was barely any edible pulp left. I fed it to the twins and my son at the time was engrossed with something so he barely registered it but my daughter made a face and tried to fish something out of her mouth.

That was when I noticed the waxy coating on the feeding spoon and remembered the milky sticky secretions from the fruit. The kids seemed fine but I think Iam going to wait a few months before feeding them sapota again - because of the stringy texture and waxy buildup. It does taste wonderfully sweet though which is probably why they both ate it.

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